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Pay Online

Request a Payment Plan

If you are interested in establishing a payment agreement with us or if the one we have proposed does not meet your satisfaction, kindly fill out our income & expenditure form. This will allow us to reassess and make any necessary adjustments.

Our team of friendly professionals are available to assist you with any enquiries related to payments or general account matters.

If you could, please make sure you have your S&G reference number ready. This can be located within the letters sent by S&G.

Office opening hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.

Book a telephone appointment (free call-back)

Schedule a meeting with one of our agents to discuss your account details and concerns with a team member.

If you possess the means to make a payment, kindly settle it promptly either via telephone or online.

Please contact us today for further information.

Not the named person?

It is crucial to inform us promptly if you have received a letter addressed to the previous resident or an unfamiliar individual at your property.

Manage your account online

Did you know that you can resolve your debt without the need for direct communication with our staff? Easily utilise your distinct S&G reference number and client reference number, located on the letter's header that we sent to you. To access your account details please click here.

Once logged in to your account you can:

  • Make a payment
  • Download your payment history 
  • Confirm agreed payment date(s)
  • Confirm the balance remaining on your account

Please note, your S&G reference number is also known as your Case ID